VID 2017/11/27 Bed Bugs

Toscana Cove Apartments Tucson, Az. 85710 Infested with Bed Bugs…..Here are video of the some of the bed bugs, Several apartments here have and continue to have been invaded by Bed Bugs. And guess what the management does not care. In fact they point the figure at you and make you pay out the nose, knowing that their actions, or lack of is the cause. That another resident is the reason for starting the whole thing. That the Manager/Landlord is and was to cheap to do have the apartment that was infested by bed bugs, treated the right way. Caused many other apartments to get infested with bed bugs. Residents are scared, and desperate. And the manager is aware of this. So far I have spent more than $500, and lost over $1,000 in damages to my stuff, Had to see a doctor, and spent hours and hours cleaning, I live out of totes and vacuum bags. I had to pack up everything. Treat everything. And I have to worry everyday. I am a nervous wreck, cannot sleep. Have to take anxiety meds. And it is not over. I am trapped. And I am sick over this.The owner of this complex is Shahram Afshani A Los Angeles real estate developer owns this 21,000-square-foot mansion while his tenants live with bed bugs and roaches. Wow nice home, He has mega bucks, but most of his SHAHRAM AFSHANI’S rental properties are falling apart, many infested with bed bugs and roaches. And he has no concern for the residents. Many of these residents are on fixed income, disabled, sick, poor, or old. And cannot fight back, and have no other place to go. I know because I am a victim of one of his rental properties. A real piece of work. I did this to fight back. Someone needs to. Share before it is taken down.

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