Best Bed Bug Repellent

I work for a LARGE bed bug treatment company, I come across all kinds home remedies, over the counter and all the professional grade bed bug sprays that are on the market today and none of them work in one application 100% every time for every infestation – NONE of them!

This is a fact – treating bed bugs is a long and sometimes painful process requiring multiple chemical applications over several weeks to months to completely eliminate all stages of bed bugs.

During the treatment process you will continue to get new bed bugs bites as you are the bait to lure the bed bugs into the areas where the bed bug chemicals have been applied.

A few people have recently told me about a skincare product called Relaxing Response that actually repels the bed bugs, it reminds me of years ago when everyone knew that Avon Skin So Soft was the best mosquito repellent ever, Relaxing Response is like that for Bed Bugs!

I went home and tried it and it worked, so I tried it again and made a video then did some experiments just for curiosity? You’ve watched the videos and we’ve done some other tests as well that don’t make for good video but here is what I found –
Relaxing Response is a skincare product can be used for 4 specific phases of Bed Bug Treatment:

1st – BEFORE – to protect you from getting additional bed bug bites once you discover you have bed bugs and before you can schedule a bed bug treatment

2nd – DURING – to protect you from getting additional bed bug bites while a lengthy multi-application chemical bed bug treatment is performed

3rd – AFTER – to significantly relieve the itch, pain, swelling and discomfort associated with bed bug bites

4th – NEVER AGAIN – to be used in the Prevention of Bed Bugs or a Bed Bug Blocker during your daily activities away from your home by reducing the chances of attracting unwanted Bed Bug hitchhikers

So if you have Bed Bugs this stuff will not kill them but it sure will keep you from getting bitten alive while you treat!

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